Thursday, June 5, 2008

Breathing Exercise and Cancer - Part I

In my earlier posts, I mentioned that Soma (a cancer patient herself) helped her co-patients to boost up morally and suggested those patients to do pranayam (breathing exercise) daily. She herself, with full of devotion, did Pranayam for more than a year. She hoped that it would cure her, but no, It couldn’t. Like Soma, her co-patients too believed so. But except two of seven patients all are no more with us.

But it should be noted that all the patients were almost in the last stage of cancer. Also, I want to highlight one very important point that Soma did the Pranayam for more than one year and she died rather peacefully, it wasn’t painful as it was expected.

Soma had metastats all over her skeleton, liver and brain. But she wasn’t squirming in pain nor did she lose her consciousness except few hours before last breath. Pranayam couldn’t cure her but helped to sail through peacefully. So I firmly believe that Pranayam is a must for a cancer patient.

I’m not sure whether pranayam (breathing exercise) can really cure cancer. But pranayam along with meditation certainly improves quality of life of a cancer patient. I have observed that the family members and the patients who were practicing pranayam and meditation properly were leading a mentally healthy life. There are numerous cases where pranayam and meditation helped patients and their families to cope with the disease related stress better.

Pranayam is certainly effective. But one should be careful enough before jumping into pranayam and meditation bandwagon. Both of these two techniques act on mind and matter (physical body). Preparing mind and matter for Pranayam is necessary. Otherwise, adverse result may be observed. In my next post, I’ll discuss in detail about Pranayam and meditation.

Disclaimer: Breathing exercised must be practised under supervision of qualified trainers. Techniques shown in the videos are demonstation for information not for learning breathing exercise.

Before concluding, I must express my heartiest congratulations to those who are regularly reading my unprofessionally written blog and encouraging me. THANK YOU ALL !!!

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Pl write abt ur experiences regarding breathing exercise in more details. Thanks