Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Agony of cancer patients

The word ‘cancer’ is itself a fearful term. Popular saying goes like cancer has no answer. A person, when diagnosed as a cancer patient, undergoes a huge psychological pressure specifically if they are breast cancer patients. I do remember when my wife came to know that she had cancer, she murmured, “Now everyday is as if my last day in this world”. Later on she gained confidence and decided to give it a fight although she knew that she was fighting a lost battle.

For the family members of a cancer patient also the situation is very much precarious. Silently to wait for nearer one to die is a severe mental punishment. Helplessly observe him/her to squirm in pain and try to give him/her false hope. In such a situation, it is really hard for someone to keep his/her emotions under control. I know it. Sometimes, I did lost control over myself. But a cancer patient needs calm and affectionate environment. It’s an absolute necessity for a cancer patient.

I know it’s hard, but still I request all the readers to take a note of this point seriously. Cancer patients suffer from treatment, suffer due to the disease and also they suffer if they are put into hostile environment. We can’t help with the distress they face due to treatment and disease, but certainly we can be affectionate and supportive. We have to control our emotions and extend our moral support to cancer patients.

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