Thursday, July 10, 2008

Breathing Exercise and Cancer -- Part 1 Cont

Pranayama or breathing exercise, yoga and meditation – all are very much popular around the world. The hype is beyond imagination. Different methods and techniques are being advised by the experts to solve both mental and physical aliments. A host of web sites talk about yoga for a price and it seems to me that life is so simple now. Everything is available in a tailor made condition.

But reality seems to be not so bright. I mentioned that my wife and few other patients were doing pranayama regularly as directed by a reputed guru. Still, they couldn’t survive and unfortunately everyday some patients, who practiced pranayama sincerely, succumb to diseases.

I know a lady of 30 years old who learned and was practicing Pranayama daily for more than a year. The worst thing that happened was that she is now suffering from breast cancer.

Yes, like you I have also heard of people who are cured after practicing pranayama. Although I visited all the leading cancer hospitals in India for long 6 years for the treatment of my wife, I failed to see in my eyes a single patient who is surviving long enough. But that doesn’t mean that I want to say that pranayam or meditation or yoga don’t work.

With due respect to all of those yoga/pranayama trainers, I would like to request all the cancer patients to think about the pranayama more seriously. Please just don’t jump on the yoga bandwagon.

In my next post, I’ll pen down my explanations about the so called failure of yoga/pranayama. And my explanation is important as I have closely monitored a cancer patient for 6 years. I don’t think any trainer has a such unwanted but valuable experiences.

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