Friday, September 19, 2008

Yoga and Yoga Master

Yoga and Yoga Masters

My agenda isn’t certainly to denounce the importance of yoga/meditation. These tools are very much powerful and effective. In case of Soma, I have observed reduced side effects of chemotherapy as she was doing yoga.

My objective is to highlight two important points:

1. Yoga can’t cure a disease but can improve the condition of the patient.

2. Postures and procedures of yoga need to be regulated. Whatever is applicable to a healthy person can’t be applicable to a sick person.

Later on I’ll discuss these two points in detail.

Most of the yoga masters know very well about the physical and mental effects of yoga. But they, may be considering their business prospect, never disclose all the facts related to yoga. They sell a dream to hopeless people disturbed by the severity of diseases and soon those helpless sick people realize the emptiness of his words. This has a devastating impact on the psychology of the patients. This is what I wanted to highlight using different case studies. Beware of such yoga masters if you aren’t interested to move away from reality.

The true purpose of yoga is to attain a higher mental order, explore higher realm of reality. A yoga master who teaches yoga for fame and money will radiate vibration which will cause a mind not to be inward, but restless and move around aimlessly. Such masters depend on his brilliance in using words to attract people.

A true master will resonate sympathetically with genuine spirituality. The light emanates from the teacher influences the mind and helps one to overcome ignorance. That’s how he sends out a wake up vibration to one’s consciousness. But unfortunately we rarely meet such a master. This type of master will suggest people the right postures and procedures of yoga according to their physical and mental conditions. This is, in fact, very much important.

Disclaimer: My personal views are expressed in this blog. I'm neither recommending nor discarding anything through this blog. Views are not intended to hurt any one in any sense.

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