Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Cancer and Yoga - My unfortunate experiences

Soma was diagnosed having cancer on Nov. 2001. She underwent traditional chemo-surgery-chemo-radiation cycles of modern medical treatment. The medical treatment failed to cure it but just controlled the spread of cancer cells for a limited period only. So ultimately, a reputed saint cum yoga master showed us a dream that Yoga could cure cancer whatever was the stage of cancer. With vigor, determination and devotion Soma started practicing yoga/breathing exercise and meditation.

SOMA, started yoga/meditation/breathing exercise(pranayam) on 17 Dec, 2005.

On July 2006, her brain scan and bone scan revealed that cancer cells had invaded into her brain and bones. She had to receive radiotherapy on brain, shoulders and pelvis. But an earlier scan on July 2005 showed no such growth. Does it imply that, in her case, yoga has failed to control the disease?

During last part of 2006, Soma was better, both physically and mentally. We even went out for few pleasure trips and tours. But I noticed that she was losing her weight. Importantly, she actively participated in normal household activities in a jovial mood. Certainly her mental elevation was noticeable. Is it because of yoga?

March 2007 onwards, I observed significant change in her attitude. A huge and severe psychological change resulted in a ‘total withdrawal syndrome’ from life.

To remind you, I must mention that during these (almost) 18 months, she never skipped practicing yoga twice daily. Her physical condition worsened as well as her mental health. She preferred to dive deep into her heart.

She stopped practicing yoga and started chanting “AUM” endlessly. Her concentration was so strong that even pain in her bones couldn’t bother her. Her blood count dropped. Looking at her eyes I couldn’t understand what she was thinking about. Her eyes were full of extreme joy in the background of deep sadness. She seemed to be in a different realm of reality far away from what we can perceive; she seemed to be in a hurry. But for what?

I consulted a psychologist who prescribed few drugs. But by that time she preferred only to sleep, sleep and sleep and chant ‘AUM’ more and more…. !!!

Ultimately on Nov 21, 2007 SOMA became free from all the pain and pleasure of life. A talkative young lady became silent forever…………!!!!

What happened to her co-patients? Few expired before her death and few after. Yesterday, I came to know that only 1 of her co patient is still alive and he is in doing well. Thank God!!!

So I asked myself how yoga helped her or her co-patients to win against cancer.

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