Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Cancer - A Suggestion

All the cancer patients suffer from a variety of psychological disorder. The disease itself causes a lot of psychological stress. Constant fear of relapse and death only add further woes.

A series of social factors too twist the psychological behavior. Sometimes the psychological reactions are so subtle yet very strongly decisive to affect the psychology of the patients.

From my experience, I have seen how my wife, Soma, was changed drastically over the years. I consulted a psychologist, but it was too late.

So, my sincere suggestion to all cancer patients and their families is to consult a psychologist regularly.

They should keep a watch on the patients to find out any psychological change and report to the psychologist immediately. Please don’t ignore this suggestion.


Lilly's Life said...

What a worthwhile site you have and I think this suggestion is wonderful. Anyone with serious illness should do this. Thank you.

Life said...

Thanks for your comments. I also read your blog. But to be honest, I have to go back to your blog for more. thanks,

emans said...

I agree with your thoughts about consulting a psychologist at the early age of cancer. This is a serious disease - its not only about the disease but also about the mental stress made by the disease.

Chemotherapy said...

Cancer is the dangerous diseases that kills cells in our body. It is better to consult with doctor in the ear;ly stag of cancer.

Life said...

chemotherapy !! I totally agree with you. In my blog i'm trying to make it clear that yoga can't cure cancer and traditional treatment facilities should address the psychological issue of patients from the begaining.

I have visited your site. But there I didn't find any place to put my comments. Hope you read this. Thanks.

iliana said...

Thanks for your suggestions. The problem is that most of the times people that have cancer don't let their families to consult a doctor. In this case what we have to do. Maybe ask for psychological support without tell them?