Monday, October 13, 2008

Cancer – Hit it before it hits you

Please the read the following article. It’s very relevant.

October is being observed as “Awareness month” to initiate awareness programs that enable us to prevent and handle cancer. All the concerned non-profit organizations have launched several programs to educate people.

In our individual capacity, what can we do to actively and meaningfully participate in cancer awareness program?

Decide the date for your medical check up, if you haven’t done it yet. One may explain the importance of regular health check up to his/her family members and friends. And make sure that they take his/her suggestion sincerely. The early cancer is detected, the greater the chance of full recovery.

Fresh green vegetables are certainly better equipped than meat prevent cancer. So add a good amount of vegetables and fruits in your menu and try to avoid soft drinks, meat, burger etc. Remind your family members and friends the necessity of eating more vegetables than meat.

Most importantly, from today, in fact from now, make a determination to quit smoking. You, your family members and friends form a group where everyone will help and monitor each other to quit smoking.

Yes, it’s very easy to say, but hard to implement. If you are not a smoker, you should take a lead to help others not to smoke. But, if you are a smoker and yet not decided to quit smoking, you are in fact calling the best friend of smoking – cancer – to ruin your life.

If you find quitting smoking difficult, please visit a cancer patient and observe how he/she is squirming in pain. Unless one loves a painful death, he’ll be determined enough to quit smoking. Go all out to quit smoking.

Yes, I know even if those who never smoked also die of cancer. My wife, Soma never smoked yet she got cancer and died. Anyone may be affected by cancer, but for smokers, simply the chances are greater. So quit it as early as possible.

Awareness about cancer doesn’t mean to generate a continuous flow of negative thoughts that one can be affected by this disease any time. The purpose is to remind us that we should take care of our health (regular health check up) and lead a disciplined life (emphasis is on vegetables and quit smoking). Also, another purpose is to make us mentally strong to fight against the disease.

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