Friday, September 26, 2008

A request to Prof. yoga masters !!!

Yoga is a journey to enjoy the eternal bliss. It’s a tool used by different monks since ancient days to attain a higher mental order to apprehend the truth of life. Unfortunately, few ‘want to be famous’ yoga masters are using this great ancient tool to squeeze out money from the terminally sick patients.

So the purpose of my last two posts is to make my readers aware about the danger to invest money on yoga (if claimed that yoga can cure any diseases).

Let the terminally ill patients to rely on their ‘free will’. I have read about few patients who know that they won’t live for a long. But they are determined not to surrender meekly. So they are trying out different things and in some cases they become successful too.

So please INSPIRE the patients to fight but don’t falsely assure them. I would like to request the victims of cancer to use their ‘free will’ to fight against the disease.

A tremendous desire to survive will certainly give your immune system a boost required to fight cancer. Along with the traditional medical treatment, one may opt for yoga or alternative treatment facilities available.

But please remember not to depend upon the so called success testimonials. Rely on your inner strength. I earnestly request yoga masters to stop luring patients with a false assurance instead motivate them to fight till the end.

As you have already read in my earlier posts that rampant use of transcendental meditation caused severe psychological disorder among a group of adult students (Read my negative effects of yoga post). So regularization of processes and postures of yoga system is very important. Every thing isn’t suitable for everyone.

Using my real life daily experiences, I would like to remind yoga masters that yoga is good but certainly not to be used as a curative or business mechanism. And yoga must be different for different group of people on the basis of the constitution of their mind and matter (body).

In my next article, I’ll take a detour to share my terrible experiences with a leading cancer hospital at Mumbai, India. Also now onwards, I’ll let yoga to take a short break and analyze different factors affecting the psychology and hence the immune system of a cancer patient. In those posts, I’ll share with you my experiences of meeting different cancer patients cutting across the religion, caste and social status.

I would also like to thank all the new subscribers. I know that I’m not a professional writer; still you are regularly reading my posts. I’m really thankful to all of you.


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