Friday, August 8, 2008

Breathing Exercise - Dark Facts (Cont)

In my last post, I have mentioned few ‘dark facts’ about yoga in general. The points I have already mentioned imply that the environment plays an important role in the yoga practice.

I forgot to mention another very important factor. I’m thankful to Ms Mary to point it out. Here I’m writing about that. Thank you, Mary!!

Important to note that once you’ve started to practice pranayam/yoga/meditation sincerely, you must continue. Give a break for a week; you certainly become weak so far as physical and mental states are concerned.

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Soma, my wife, used to practice pranayam religiously. After practicing it for 5-6 months , twice daily (Morning-1hr and evening-30 mins) without a break, she because of some reasons (I forgot the cause) she skipped practicing pranayam for appr. 10 days. Once she restarted, she couldn’t do it as long as she could do it earlier. Also, she became physically unstable. She needed a struggling 1 month to regain her earlier position.

So, for terminally ill patients, it is important to be punctual and practice it with a strong devotion. Only then quality of life will become better.

They should start it in a slower manner. They shouldn’t try to do it 1 hr in the very 1st week. Always remember not to cross the body tolerance level. It’ll cause harm. Comfortably they’ll practice and try to do it not more than 1 hr in the morning and 30 mins in the evening.

Also one should be careful about the patients who received radiotherapy on brain, neck and/or spine. Certainly such patients are significantly different from other patients. I made a wrong decision regarding Soma (She got radiotherapy on head) in deciding the pace and course of pranayam and meditation.

A healthy person may slowly practice to do for longer time until he/she feels tired. But in case of terminally ill patient, one must be careful about over enthusiasm.

Disclaimer : In this blog, I'm just sharing my personal experiences and views. Readers are requested to think over the points mentioned here. I’m neither promoting nor denying any ideas.

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