Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Cancer and Pranayam - Part 2 cont

A comparatively new branch of science, psychoneuroimmunology (PNI), strongly establishes a positive co-relation between the body (immune system) and mind.

According to PNI, prolonged & sincere practice of pranayam and meditation cause a marked influence on brain. These techniques affect both the left and right hemisphere of brain and make both the hemispheres less active. Right prefrontal lobe (responsible for generating worry and anxiety signals) becomes idle due to pranayam and meditation.(Please Note this point)

As a result, a significant rise in T-cell and NK cell activities and a fall in blood levels of stress hormones and Herpes Virus. These phenomenons help one to enjoy better quality of life. But it requires achieving a higher mental plane to reduce the brain activities.

Although, PNI published a lot of case studies, but all the reports supports the above mentioned results but ends in a sad note, saying that ‘patient died….’.

So PNI indirectly agrees that pranayam and meditation can only improve physical condition for a short period of time.

Brain is the most complicated organ. It is very hard to comprehend properly all the factors related to less brain activity due to pranayam.

In this post, I would like to add a point before I conclude. The right side of the brain also orients physical existence in space and time frame. A reduction of activities, due to pranayam, in this side has a very important consequences.................................!!!!!

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