Thursday, May 22, 2008

Our Inspiration ................................

Soma Chakrabarti loved to smile and she was full of life. She inspired me to look at life in a different and more serious perspective. Since the end of 2001, I was with her, helping her to fight against Cancer. I have gained a lot of hands on experiences during this period to handle such a patient who knows that her days are numbered. Now looking at sky, I feel how much mentally strong she was. So to keep her courage alive, I along with my like-minded friends and relatives decided to share my experiences for the benefits of the cancer patients.

She fought against this dreaded disease for 6 years. But within the span of these 6 years, she used to encourage her fellow patients to fight it all out, not to give up and always tried her level best despite being sick, to boost up her fellow patients. All the Doctors loved her because of her undying spirit and eagerness to help other patients. It was her one of the unfinished dream to effectively stand by the side of a distressed. We are determined to fulfill her dream and assist the cancer affected patients and families.

No doubt that we draw the inspiration to serve the cancer patients from Soma. But her untimely departure left us clueless. How to start to work for the cancer patients? So many tough moments they face. They not only suffer physically but also mentally. During her last days her reluctance to do Pranayam or meet the Doctors actually meant that she died mentally before we could realise.

Soma was a loving lady. She was able to earn love and respect from her in-laws. During the critical period of her illness, my mom used to awake all the night and let her sleep in my mom’s lap. My mom behaved with her not as mom-in-law but as an affectionate mom.

To show respect to her unbinding affection for her in-laws, we decided to start an NGO in her in-laws’ native place, Tripura. To honor her soul, we named the NGO as “SOMA CANCER PATIENT CARE SOCIETY" (S.C.P.C.S).

Tripura is a north eastern state of India. Agartala being the capital and 3 sides of Tripura are surrounded by Bangladesh. Agriculture is the main occupation. There are no big industries. Transport facility with rest of India is only by air and road connection with rest of India is very much tiring and not suitable for patients.

Soma was a teacher in a private school. She had to quit the job because of her illness. But instead of bogged down by the pain and blaming her fate, she started to work from home. She earned fame in the field of boutique designing. She encouraged other patients to be always active as much as possible. The society wishes to encourage and create environment for the cancer patients to participate in meaningful and productive activities.

Gradually, I'll write in details about the 'Aims and Objectives' of the society. Also your suggestion will help us to improve our service because.

In the next blog, I’ll write about how young ladies who are suffering from cancer, instead of being encouraged, are forced to feel a burden of the family.

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